Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Construction of Light

"And if a bird can speak, who once was a dinosaur
And a dog can dream; should it be implausible
That a man might supervise
The construction of light?"
                                       – Adrian Belew

Yesterday I gave a keynote lecture at Beyond AI 2013:  Aritficial Golem Intelligence, in Pilsen, Czech Republic.  As I explained at the beginning of the talk, I adopted a broadcast (many topics covered lightly), rather than my usual narrowcast (a single topic covered in depth, with arguments!), strategy.

My apologies for the sound:  there were technical difficulties with the microphones at several points.

Approaching artificial general intelligence (AGI) from the perspective of machine consciousness (MC), I will briefly address as many of the topic areas of the conference as possible within the time allotted:

  • The mind is extended, but Otto's beliefs are not in his notebook; Prosthetic AI vs AGI (Nature of Intelligence)
  • Scepticism about MC and the threat of atrocity (Risks and Ethical Challenges)
  • Theodicy, the paradox of AI, and the Imago Dei; Naturalising the Spiritual (Faith in AGI)
  • Narrative, dreams and MC; Herbert's Destination Void as research programme (Social and Cultural Discourse)
  • How to fix GOFAI; the Mereological Constraint on MC (Invoking Emergence)
  • Artificial creativity as embodied seeking of the subjective edge of chaos (AI and Art)

Streaming video (hosted externally)
Slides (.pdf)


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